To create wearable and professional looking garments when using sewing machines at home, it is important to choose the right type of closure. Zipper and button closures may require standard sewing machine accessories; however, there are actually many other options available to consider. Before making the finishing touches on any garment sewn on a Janome 9900, be sure to pick the right closure to add the necessary style and comfort!

Buttons with Buttonholes

Buttons are one of the most used garment closures, other than the zipper. This closure consists of a button which is inserted into a sewn buttonhole, and can be very easily created by using a Janome 9900, or almost any other sewing machine, and a buttonhole foot. Buttons can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors to be used on a variety of garments, serving as a simple, yet functional closure.

Zipper Closures

Zippers are another main type of closure used on garments today. Zippers come in many different types and styles to suit different fabric weights and garment looks. They are easily sewn onto pants, skirts, jackets, and other items by using standard sewing machines. Zippers are also very easily sewn onto garments with the help of a standard sewing machine accessory, making them a simple closure for many uses.

Hook and Eye Closures

A hook and eye closure is a great option when buttons or zippers are not suitable and keeping the closure concealed is a priority. This closure works by sewing a small metal hook to one side of the garment and a small metal loop, known as the eye, to the other side. The hook is inserted into the eye and holds just like a button. A fabric loop is sometimes used instead of the metal eye. Hooks and eyes may also be used in conjunction with zippers as a means to conceal the zipper pull and also to prevent the zipper from unzipping.

Buttons with Loops

Another option that can be used for fancier buttons is by using a loop instead of a buttonhole. Button and loop closures are commonly seen on the back of blouses, the front of jackets, and at the collar or cuff of some styles of shirts. Button loops can be made from elastic, cording, ribbon, and even heavy thread. Button and loop closures create a classy look on any garment, regardless of the material that is used for the garment.

Frog and Toggle Closures

Frog and toggle closures are both similar, yet constructed somewhat differently. They are useful for everything from jackets and coats, to decorative closures on blouses and shirts. These closures consist of two pieces, each attached to opposite sides of the garment. Frog closures are made of decorative cord, ribbon, or a similar accessory, and use a knotted button that slips through the loop on the other side. Toggle closures work the same way, only they are generally made of leather or some type of heavy cord. A large toggle that slips through the loop replaces the knotted button.

There are a number of things to take into account when trying to choose the right closure for any garment, including the garment type, fabric weight, and the desired look and function of the closure. Garment closures are important sewing machine accessories that can really improve the function and style of any garment when appropriately chosen. With the many options available other than simple buttons and zippers, those who create clothing by using sewing machines like the Janome 9900 can add a unique touch simply by using a different type of closure!

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