Presser feet are an essential accessory used on all sewing machines in order for the machine to sew correctly. Available in many different types to fit Juki sewing machines like the Juki TL2010Q and most other sewing machines, these feet feed the fabric under the needle for even sewing. Presser feet should be chosen based on the type of project being sewn, the fabric being used, and other project specifics. Following are just a few of the more popular and useful presser feet that sewing machine users can choose from:

  • All Purpose Foot - The all purpose foot is designed to be used for almost any sewing need. Although some specialized presser feet may make certain tasks easier, most can still usually be performed with an all purpose foot. This is the foot that comes standard on most sewing machines, including Juki sewing machines.
  • Gathering Foot - The gathering foot gathers fabric under the needle as it is being sewn. This foot is useful for certain types of seams and hems that require fabric gathering, making it much easier than trying to do it manually.
  • Narrow Hem Foot - The narrow hem foot creates a beautiful rolled and narrow hem at the edge of the fabric. This type of hem is difficult to sew by hand; but can be easily done when using sewing machines like the Juki TL2010Q and a narrow hem foot.
  • Zigzag Foot - The zigzag foot is designed to allow for a wider stitch while evenly feeding the fabric under the needle. This foot is used when sewing a zigzag stitch, but it is also useful for other appliqué or embroidery stitching as well.
  • Walking Foot - The walking foot, also called the even feed foot or the quilting foot, is designed to evenly feed multiple layers of fabric under the needle at one time, while preventing stretching or gathering. It is a favorite of quilters since it can handle the top and bottom layer as well as the batting, holding all three together to be sewn without shifting.
  • Quarter Inch Foot - Also known as the patchwork foot, the quarter inch foot is designed to make sewing an even quarter-inch seam much easier because of the built-in fabric guide.
  • Open Toe Embroidery Foot - This is a wider sewing foot that has an open front for use on embroidery machines. It can be used for sewing appliqués and any time a wider stitch setting is used. The open toe design provides clear visibility of the stitching while feeding the fabric under the needle.
  • Zipper Foot - Available in multiple styles, the zipper foot is helpful when sewing zippers, snap tapes, and various types of piping onto the fabric. Zipper feet hold the zipper or other trim very close to the needle so it can be sewn as tightly as possible.
  • Button and Buttonhole Feet - These are two separate feet for two specific uses. The button foot holds a button in place as it is sewn onto a garment; while the buttonhole foot holds the fabric in place while a buttonhole stitch is sewn. Buttonhole feet are adjustable to produce the right size buttonhole.
  • Adjustable Binding Foot - The adjustable binding foot makes easy work out of attaching any type of binding or trim tape. It is adjustable to fit many different types of sewing trims.
  • Adjustable Blind Hem Foot - This is an all-purpose, adjustable hemming foot that provides a professionally finished look to any type of blind hem.
  • Roller Foot - Useful for denim, velvet, leather, and other bulkier fabrics, the roller foot rolls the fabric under the needle rather than walking or sliding it under, preventing puckering and bunching. A roller foot makes smooth stitching much easier on these types of fabrics.

There are many different presser feet available for today’ sewing machines, each one designed to make sewing easier. For the best results on any project when sewing with a Juki TL2010Q or other Juki sewing machines, it is important to use the best foot for the job. Not only will the right presser foot reduce frustration, the garment will look professionally sewn as well!

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