Creating beautiful garments and other projects on sewing machines begins with using a quality machine. In order to get the best use from models like the Janome MC14000, hobbyists and professionals alike need a few sewing machine accessories that can help to make the sewing process easier. To achieve the best results, whether making a fancy dress or a simple tote bag, consider adding these important and helpful items to the accessory kit.

Cleaning Kit and Machine Cover

To avoid problems like tension issues, thread breakage, and other malfunctions, it is important to always work with sewing machines that are clean, inside and out. The best way to keep one in great condition is to always keep it covered and frequently take it apart to  clean it. Some models come with covers; however, generic covers can also be purchased. Along with the cover, keep a general tool and cleaning kit handy for regular cleanings. Both will protect the machine against damage and dirt and prevent extra wear and tear to prolong its useful life.

Attachable Seam Guide

Seam guides attach to the working surface of the machine next to the throat plate. They are invaluable sewing machine accessories for everyone, including beginning stitchers. Using a seam guide is one of the best ways to easily create straight seams. The device is very inexpensive and available to fit most machines.  

Various Presser Feet

Presser feet are sewing machine accessories needed for correct and secure stitching on all sewing machines. Although the universal foot that comes with most units is a multi-purpose foot useful for a variety of projects, many types of presser feet exist. Depending on what kind of projects are being made, consider adding other presser feet to a  Janome MC14000 that will make the stitching process easier and produce better results. Even though it is possible to do almost anything with the universal foot, specialized feet make sewing easier and more fun, with fewer problems.

Some especially useful feet to add to any accessory kit are overlock feet, feet designed to handle different fabric types, and hem feet in different types to create a variety of different hems and edges. For those who like to embellish their creations with embroidery and decorative stitches, open-toe embroidery feet and others designed for use with programmable machines are extremely helpful. Quilters may want to include walking feet, which evenly stitch multiple fabric layers simultaneously, and patchwork or quarter-inch feet, which help make easy quarter-inch seams.

Specialty Attachments

Like choosing the right presser feet, sewers should also consider other types of sewing attachments that can make their work easier and more enjoyable. Some of those may include buttonhole attachments, zipper feet, binding tape attachments and ruffler attachments. Edge stitchers are also useful for finishing off seam edges in different ways or for topstitching.

Sewing machines can generally be used without many extra accessories; however, some do make sewing more fun. While the list of available sewing machine accessories may be endless, those mentioned above are those that are most necessary and that many find to be useful. Whether working with a model like the Janome MC14000 or even a more basic model, adding these important accessories will ensure the most fun and best results with any sewing project!

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