Embroidery machines are like programmable paint brushes that use thread to paint. If you own a Janome MC200E or other Janome embroidery machines, you have the ability to create beautiful thread masterpieces with the touch of a few buttons. Yet seeing such a masterpiece ruined because the wrong stabilizer was used can be disheartening.

To achieve the best results with your embroidery project, it is essential to know what embroidery stabilizers are available and how each should be used.

Tear-Away Stabilizers

Tear-away stabilizers are one of the most common types of stabilizers used for projects made on Janome embroidery machines. They are suitable for a wide variety of uses on woven fabrics and other material that does not have any stretch, like cotton, canvas, leather or vinyl, woven towels, and any other that hoops easily under the fabric.

Once the design has been stitched onto the fabric, this type of stabilizer tears from around the design edges, leaving the inner part of the design supported by the stabilizer. The main benefit with tear-away stabilizer is that it provides a cleaner finished edge than some cut-away stabilizers.

Cut-Away Stabilizers

Cut-away stabilizers are another commonly used option that those who use embroidery machines like the Janome MC200E should use. This stabilizer must be carefully trimmed close to the design edge once the stitching is finished. Cut-away stabilizers provide greater support than tear-aways. So it is often used with fabrics that stretch such as knit, jersey, polyester, loose weaves, spandex, etc.

The sturdier support holds the fabric in place in the design area, preventing the stretching that can damage a design both during and after stitching. The main disadvantage is that hand trimming leaves a less finished edge on the back of the design in comparison to tear-away varieties.

Water-Soluble Wash-Away Stabilizers

For embroidery on delicate fabrics, laces, and meshes, water-soluble wash-away stabilizers are necessary because both tear-away and cut-away are too rigid. Wash-away stabilizers feel like a layer of thin plastic. When they are washed, they disintegrate and wash out of the fabric.

They are generally used as a stabilizer backing for finer fabrics and can also be used as a top layer with any design stitched on Janome embroidery machines to prevent the stitches from sinking too deeply into the fabric.

Stick-On Stabilizers

When none of the above varieties will work due to hooping challenges, specialty stick-on stabilizers may be the best option. They stick directly to the fabric and do not get hooped. Stick-on stabilizers are available in either tear-away or cut-away varieties and either self-adhere or can be activated by wetting the adhesive side of the stabilizer.

Each type of stabilizer is available in a variety of weights to handle different fabric weights and design complexities. These stabilizers are essential when using a Janome MC200E or other embroidery machines. For the best results with your stitch designs, you should take some time to learn about the various stabilizers and try them out using practice pieces.

Once you get the feel for and know what to expect from different stabilizers, you should have little trouble creating beautiful stitched designs with Janome embroidery machines!

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