Machine embroidery using Bernette embroidery machines and other comparable models involves a good deal of variables, from stitch patterns to stabilizer types and more.

One variable that is critical in the outcome from any machine like a Janome embroidery machine is your thread selection.

There is a lot to know about embroidery thread and how to choose the right one for your project.

Use these tips to help you understand the important factors involved in selecting embroidery thread to be sure you will be happy with the projects you embroider on a model like the Melco Amaya Bravo embroidery machine.

What Does Your Machine Advise You To Use?

Although you can usually use multiple types of thread on Janome and Bernette embroidery machines as well as professional models like the Melco Amaya Bravo machine, most manufacturers do recommend which threads and thread brands will work well with their machines.

Ideally, it’s best to stick to those brands; however, you can try others as long as you pick a high-quality thread that matches the specifications of what has been recommended.

Some of the advanced machines include computerized thread controls that allow you to select the brand and type you are using so the machine will be optimized to run using that specific thread.

Thread Weights and Strand Counts

Embroidery thread weight works the same as any other thread: the larger the number, the finer the thread while the smaller the number, the thicker the thread.

Choose a weight that corresponds with the design you plan to embroider as well as the number and size of the stitches.

Since embroidery threads are made from multiple strands that are twisted together, the strand count can affect how it behaves in the machine and looks in the finished design.

Be sure to use a thread with a strand count that is supported by your machine or you could end up having problems!

Types of Embroidery Threads

Beyond weight, strand count, and brand, you will also need to choose one of many fiber types that works with your machine and for your individual designs:

  • Rayon - A favorite, commonly-used natural fiber thread known for its strength, wear durability, sheen, and availability in many colors, weights, and strand counts.
  • Polyester - Another popular favorite, polyester is a synthetic fiber that has the strength and durability of rayon, is highly fade-resistant, and especially suitable for items that are washed a lot, although it is slightly less shiny.
  • Cotton - Available in very fine weights, cotton is a softer thread that does not withstand washing and wearing as well as rayon or polyester yet is a great choice for embroidering on finer, lighter fabrics and items where a matte look is preferred.
  • Silk - A natural thread that is perfect for use on silk, satin, organza, and similar luxury fabrics, silk is just as strong as polyester and has a nice sheen; however, it is considerably more expensive than polyester.
  • Wool - Great for furniture, decor, and other projects on heavier fabrics, Persian, crewel, and other types of wool are a less commonly used thread yet one that can look beautiful when used properly.
  • Specialty - With so many specialty embroidery threads available today, such as metallic, mylar, neon, glitter, glow, variegated, and even clear monofilament thread, these can be used with many embroidery machines. Check your machine to see if you can use these threads.
  • Bobbin - Embroidery machine bobbin thread is specifically made for use in the bobbin of an embroidery machine: don't use other types of thread as embroidery bobbin thread.

Get Great Outcomes With The Right Embroidery Thread!

Because embroidery done with embroidery machines like Bernette and Janome is such an exacting process, it’s important to use the right supplies if you expect to get great results from such machines.

Thread choice is a critical factor that can affect what your designs look like, how long they last, and most importantly, how a machine like the Melco Amaya Bravo functions for you!

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