For avid sewers who enjoy making clothing, draperies, and other useful items, serger sewing machines are important tools of the trade. A serger, unlike a standard sewing machine, creates a more durable and finished seam in just one pass, making sewing quicker and more convenient. Sergers and embroidery machines are not necessary to sew great garments; however, after using one, many people say they would never be without one again.

What Is A Serger Sewing Machine?

A serger, which also know as an overlock machine, is a sewing machine that utilizes as many as eight threads at the same time, as opposed to the normal two threads on a standard sewing machine. By using different threads and programmed stitches, serger sewing machines can be especially useful for creating finished, professional looking garments and items like factory sewn items.

Why Are Serged Seams Preferable?

Serged seams, and other effects that can be gained using serger machines, are preferred over single stitch seams because they are much more durable and professional looking. Sergers use multiple threads to sew a finished seam that will not fray or come undone, while handling fabric edges so they are tucked in and sewn over. This can be accomplished with a standard sewing machine in multiple passes, using multiple stitches, but the results may not look as neat as the single-pass, multi-stitch serger seam. Serger machines are especially useful for seaming knit fabrics, since they seam while retaining the stretchy nature of this type of fabric.

Multiple Seaming and Decorative Stitches

Another great function of serger sewing machines is their ability to sew decorative types of stitches that can be used to create a dressier seam and decorative fabric edges. By using multiple threads in same or different colors, serger sewing machines can create a variety of stitches, such as the three-thread overlock seam.They can also be used to create durable seams and produce a finished edge. Gathering stitches, coverstitching, rolled and flatlock hem stitches, and chain stitches are even more of the various stitches these machines can produce.

What Serger Sewing Machines Cannot Do

Although sergers are wonderful machines to use for sewing almost any type of garment, there are still a few things this type of machine cannot do and must still be done using a standard sewing machine. These things include backstitching, buttonholes, facings, adding zippers, topstitching, and several other things. There are many projects that can be completed using a serger; however, if they require any of these special stitches, a standard sewing machine is still necessary.

Serger sewing machines, or overlock machines, are fun to use, enabling sewers to create finished, durable items. While they are not required to do this, they do allow for the easier construction of a strong seam and offer other options such as decorative stitches. Serger machines are a great option for those looking to achieve a finished, wearable look for their garments and to do it most efficiently!


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