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Believe it or not, there are different “temperaments” among those who enjoy working with sewing machines. Based on different behaviors and common frustrations shared by those working on machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F400 or other Juki sewing machines, sewists seem to have some notable personality traits in common. Why is this important? By understanding their sewing temperament, a person can make their time spent sewing is as rewarding as possible.

The Over Organizer

Organization is important when working with sewing machines; however, it is possible to let the need to organize become too much of a priority. Sewers lose valuable project time or divert their focus from sewing to everything else happening in their lives. While organization does offer a tidy, clean sewing space, the negatives may be a stifled sense of creativity in extreme cases.

Rather than focusing on keeping every last spool of thread lined up precisely, create smarter solutions to make actual use of these items easier. Individual workstations in the sewing room can allow seamstresses to get through projects step-by-step without disrupting the entire space. There can be more actual project time since keeping everything organized should be easier.

The Sentimental Stitcher

Sentimentality is great; however, it can unintentionally create a messy, uninspiring workspace. Sentimental stitchers have many meaningful items creating clutter, making it hard to actually find and use them. The key is to avoid the clutter and find ways to display sentimental items until it is time to use them on a special project.

Keep the sentiment, but not the mess by repurposing items, displaying fabrics in a sentimental cabinet or case, and using decorative baskets, mason jars, and attractive tins to contain everything else. These containers will help organize all that clutter while still giving sentimental items a pleasantly viewable home until they need to be used. Best of all, the workspace will be cleaner and allow creativity to flow.

The Distracted Visualist

Similar to the sentimental stitcher, the distracted visualist just likes to visually see their fabrics and notions, taking inspiration from simply having them close by. The colors and patterns can definitely inspire; however, sometimes the clutter takes over. This personality type can also become involved in too many projects at once due to all that inspiration.

Keep the visuals conspicuous but under control with clear totes and bins to make the most efficient use of storage space. Open up the work area and appreciate the calmness it can provide. Sometimes, just creating order and organization can be all that is needed to get the most joy from working on Juki sewing machines.

The Overwhelmed-With-Clutter

Some people become overwhelmed to such a point that they cannot get anything done. These people really do enjoy the hobby but have aspirations much grander than their time, attention span, or capabilities. Many continue to start new projects or buy more fabric and supplies without actually finishing anything, as disorganization and distraction take their toll.

Dealing with this means spending a few minutes every day cleaning and organizing the sewing room to gradually reduce and control clutter, then establish goals. No more fabric until a project is finished. No more supplies until there are places to neatly keep them all.

Enlist the help of a friend who shares the same love of sewing and can help rein in these habits of adding to the clutter without finishing things. Once reformed, seamstresses will be pleasantly surprised with what they are actually able to accomplish.

Anyone who has one of these common sewing temperaments and loses valuable time with their sewing machines because of these traits can correct the problems quite easily. Simply take a breath, understand where the distractions are coming from, then create a plan to remedy them. In doing so, a person can become more productive with their Juki Exceed HZL F400 or other Juki sewing machines. It just takes a little self-realization and a lot of effort!

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