Sewing Cabinets

For sewing projects that turn out as planned, you need the right equipment, supplies and the perfect spot in which to use them. If you have available space, a dedicated sewing room is an ideal option for setting up Arrow sewing cabinets and all the sewing things you need.

While sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White provide a perfect work surface for your machine, be sure to consider all the other details discussed below when setting up your space.

Sewing Room Basics

When organizing a room to use as a sewing space, following are a few basics you will want to consider before setting up your sewing cabinet and other equipment:

  • Lighting - Good lighting is essential in your workspace. The room should have bright overhead lighting along with task lighting to provide clear, bright light above each workstation in the room. Whether you use under shelf lighting, tabletop lamps, or clamp-on lamps, be sure your area is well lit.
  • Outlets - In addition to ample lighting, your space should have enough outlets available to plug in your machine, lamps, and the other equipment you need. Having enough outlets on each wall is essential since using extension cords could be dangerous. Set up Arrow sewing cabinets and electrical equipment close to a dedicated outlet so you will not have to constantly unplug things. Use surge protectors on all outlets to protect your equipment.
  • Storage Space - You also need storage space to keep your supplies and equipment protected and your sewing room tidy. Make effective use of any closet space in the room with closet organizers. If there are no closets available, placing shelves and bookcases along any unused wall space will work. You also need space to store important parts and supplies with workspaces like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet.

Important Workstations

Another important part of setting up your sewing space is to make room each workstation so that working on your projects is easier and more convenient:

  • Sewing Station - Set up this main workstation using Arrow sewing cabinets that fit your space and provide the storage and work surface needed for projects. Sewing cabinets are usually the focus of the room, with the other workstations set up around them.
  • Cutting Station - Although some cabinets like the expandable Arrow 98701 Bertha White can be positioned so the extra surface can be used to measure and cut, a dedicated cutting table is preferable. Choose a table that is comfortable at standing height and gives you a large enough surface for laying out fabric. Install any necessary lighting to ensure the surface is well lit.
  • Pressing Station - It is also a good idea to have a dedicated pressing station to use as you go along. You can use a pressing pad on your cutting table or if you have the room, set up an ironing board or pressing table close to your sewing station. You will be more likely to use it and your projects will turn out better as a result.
  • Computer Area - If you do machine embroidery or use many online special stitches, it is also good to have a space for a desk or laptop computer. Like pressing stations, computer spaces should be close to your Arrow sewing cabinet to facilitate downloading files from the computer to the unit.

If you are lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to your sewing, make the most of the space by setting it up correctly. Besides sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White, the right base equipment and accessories will ensure your space is both comfortable and useful!

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Sewing Cabinets