Finishing off a sewing project with attractive trim can be one of the more creative aspects of working with sewing machines. Rick rack has been a favorite trim for nearly 200 years and can be found in most sewing kits along with other sewing machine supplies. It is most often used to add a finishing touch to a variety of projects. Rick rack is available in many colors and styles and can be easily sewn using a Juki HZL DX5 or any other sewing machine. By using the following simple tips, anyone can finish a project with some fun rick rack in just minutes.

Ways to Apply Rick Rack

Rick rack is simple to use and can be sewn quickly to produce spectacular results. The application process is based on two things:  will it be used as an inset trim on the surface of a project or as an edging trim to cover a seam.  Rick rack can be applied without needing sewing machine supplies and with any standard machine, like the Juki HZL DX5 or others.

Using Rick Rack as A Flat Trim

Sewing rick rack as a flat trim on top of any type of fabric could not be easier and is especially useful for hiding seams and stitch lines. It requires little more than laying down a strip of rick rack in the desired position on the top side of the fabric, pinning it into position, then sewing down the middle of the trim. Some sewers prefer to sew along the curve of the trim to fasten the entire strip. Whichever method is used to either cover a seam orcreate a decoration, rick rack can make any project look fancy in minutes with a sewing machine.

Creating An Edge with Rick Rack

Another great way to use rick rack is sewing it on the underside of the fabric edge so that only half the trim is revealed. This technique creates cute waves at the fabric edge that turn any finished seam into something a little more fancy. While this process can be a little more involved, it is not at all difficult to accomplish.

Creating an attractive edge using rick rack is accomplished by positioning the rick rack in place along the back side of the fabric so the waves match the edge of the fabric. The trim should then be pinned to the back of the fabric and sewn from that side. Once the rick rack is sewn on, the fabric is then folded over at the stitch line. This should reveal the rick rack extending over the edge halfway, creating cute bumps and waves at the end of the fabric. This technique can be used on seams as well by sewing the rick rack using the seam allowance as a guide.

However it is used, rick rack is a timeless choice in sewing machine supplies that anyone can use to dress up sewing projects. It is easy to sew with, can be used on top of fabric or as edging, and even bends neatly around corners without any complicated handling. Rick rack can be sewn with most sewing machines including the Juki HZL DX5.  The results will turn any average project into something really special!

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