When quilting with quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP, the two main techniques used are machine quilting with a walking foot and free motion quilting. Walking foot quilting is an easier form of machine quilting and can be used with many projects. It is also an easy technique for beginner quilters to learn. Anyone doing quilting on Janome quilting machines or any other quilting machine should first learn the basics of walking foot quilting before moving on to more challenging free motion quilting.

What Is A Walking Foot?

Commonly known as a quilting foot or an even feed foot, a walking foot sewing machine attachment is one of the best sewing accessories to use for quilting. This dual action foot slowly feeds the multiple layers of fabric and batting under the needle in such a way that they are the lawyers do not move or shift, allowing for an even stitching pattern. The special teeth on the bottom of the foot work in conjunction with the feed dogs to ensure that all layers move together, resulting in straight and even stitches without bunching. Walking feet are available in a standard variety for use on any project, as well as in an open-toed variety more suited to quilting. Many walking feet also come with an adjustable channel guide on the side to help ensure that parallel quilting is properly spaced.

Why Use A Walking Foot for Quilting?

There are a number of reasons why some quilters prefer using a walking foot and find them especially appropriate for someone just learning how to machine quilt. Walking foot quilting is very useful for straight line quilting on Janome quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP or any other quilting machines where there are few curves to sew. The foot’s ability to keep all three layers of the quilt feed together under the needle and the ease of sewing a straight line means the walking foot can quilt almost automatically, requiring little more than basic guidance. It is a great accessory for block quilts and other designs where straight lines are important and can be used by beginners with great success.

Other Benefits Of Using A Walking Foot

Besides being able to handle three quilt layers at once while preventing movement or bunching, walking feet are also great for several other uses. They make matching stitching to the stripes of plaid fabric much easier, and provide a built-in way to keep sewing lines parallel. Additionally, walking feet are great for sewing rag quilts, sewing knit or fleece fabrics, and sewing on bindings and other trims. They are also great for sewing bias cut fabric.

Based on these many important features, it is easy to see why so many quilters prefer a walking foot when sewing on quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP. This inexpensive attachment is great for all quilters, both beginner and more seasoned, making straight line machine quilting a fun and relaxing activity. Whether sewing on Janome quilting machines or any other type of machine, a walking foot is a great investment for quilters wishing to create beautiful quilts!

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