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Quilts are a work of art, especially considering the amount of artistic planning that goes into their creation. Whether hand stitched or made with quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL-F400 Quilt Pro, these projects involve various techniques in color and pattern coordination, including one that is called "fussy cutting."

Fussy cut quilts show off unique ways to use patterned fabrics for some truly amazing results. Before sitting down in front of a Juki quilting machine, learn about fussy cutting and how to get the best effect with patterned fabrics.

A Simple Definition of Fussy Cutting

Simply stated, fussy cutting involves using patterned fabric in such a way that the main design is highlighted. It is especially useful with beautifully designed fabrics that have prominent patterns, giving the final project a finished and professional look. Rather than cutting the fabric without regard to the pattern, fussy cutting is done to preserve the pattern so it becomes a focal point of the design, rather than an afterthought.

The Benefits of Fussy Cutting

Not everyone needs to fussy cut fabric to create a beautiful quilt using their Juki quilting machines. Yet this method does add an extra element of perfection for those who wish to do so. This type of cutting is used to create additional interest within the bigger design of the layout and adds detail that can be quite impressive. It is easy to do, although it does involve more initial planning. The added effects make it well worth the extra effort.

How Is Fussy Cutting Done?

The most common way that fussy cutting is used as part of a quilting pattern is with squares and blocks that highlight the pattern when sewn together using a quilting machine such as the Juki Exceed HZL-F400 Quilt Pro. Patterns with noticeable elements or unique objects are great to use.

This technique is also used for cutting fabric to use on borders around assembled blocks and for quilt tops. In either case, the size of the details in the pattern and how the pattern can be most attractively cut out is the first thing to consider. The squares, blocks, and borders are then planned around this initial fussy-cut element.

Once a quilter has decided to focus on certain design elements within a pattern, they can cut squares or strips in such a way that the design is uniformly centered within the cut. Standard cutting does not pay attention to such details and may mean having only a portion showing of the main design element. Fussy cutting fabric ensures the main element is left intact.

When well executed, fussy cutting is a technique that allows quilters to make a quilt on their Juki quilting machines that beautifully displays the main element of a particular patterned fabric. Whether using the pattern as the main focus of the quilt or allowing it to add another layer of complexity to the design, this method ensures professional looking results. Once sewn on quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL-F400 Quilt Pro, fussy cut squares and strips come together wonderfully as an artistic quilt top design!

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