One of the best things about making projects on sewing machines is the many ways to create something unique using a variety of embellishments. Piping is a great option that works well in many different applications, adding a fun element to any garment or item. Piping is a great option for dressing up plain seams for a more attractive look and are available either pre-made or easily created using Janome sewing machines like the Janome MC12000.

What Is Piping?

Piping is a popular type of trim that can be set into a seam to cover it and add a nice colorful and textural element. It is made from thin strips of bias-cut fabric that are sewn around lengths of piping cord, giving the trim a rolled look. When sewn into a seam, piping covers up the stitching since it stands up slightly from the main fabric, making a nice decorative addition. Piping can be purchased ready to use or can be easily made at home with Janome sewing machines by using select pieces of fabric and some piping cord.

Some Great Uses for Piping

Piping is a type of trim that can be easily incorporated into just about any sewn seam using sewing machines such as the Janome MC12000. It can add color and texture to a plain garment or item, or it can be used as an accent on certain seams and curves on dressier garments. This trim is often used along bust lines and waistbands, around pockets and collars, and anywhere desired to create a uniquely sewn seam. It can also be used as a treatment for fabric edges alone when a subtle decoration would enhance the item. It is also a great option for a tidy trim on items like bags, jackets, quilt bindings, decorative pillowcases, and more.  

Colors and Patterns

Piping is commonly used in solid colors; however, it can be bought or made in any color or pattern imaginable. From stripes and plaids to florals and other designs, this trim invites the use of contrasting colors and noticeable patterns, or even self-colors to create a subtle texture and more finished look.

Adding Piping to Sewing Projects

It is easy to incorporate piping trim into almost any sewing project, whether it will be used as a seam decoration or an edging. The trim, which is sewn to have its own allowance, is positioned between two pieces of fabric so that all the allowances are sandwiched. Stitching along the sandwich then creates a seam where the piping shows between the two layers on the right side of the seam. When applied as edging, the trim can either be topstitched into place under the main fabric or sewn in between the main fabric and a liner. It really is as simple as that.

By using a great contrasting or patterned trim such as piping, anyone creating a blouse, bag, or even a dress can add a little flair that will really stand out. When added to any project created on sewing machines such as the Janome MC12000, creative garment makers can use a little or a lot for the best look. When used appropriately, piping is one type of trim that can turn any item sewn on Janome sewing machines into a unique, custom-made project like no other. Piping is a simple embellishment that produces some extraordinary results!

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