Sewing machines have been around since the late 1700’s. Since that time, these machines have evolved from basic machines that simply worked a needle up and down to stitch a straight line to the more advanced, premium machines available like Janome 8900QCP sewing machines.

Computerized Janome sewing machines definitely do much more than the sewing machines our great-grandmothers used many decades ago; however, some people feel that fancier is not necessarily better.

Naturally, there are two sides to the entire sewing machine debate, as older, simpler sewing machines still hold considerable appeal with many who sew, making them valuable collector items.

Old Machine vs New

While it is definitely true that older sewing machines are not fancy and lack all the bells and whistles of newer, computerized machines like Janome sewing machines, they are still very good at what they do. Many sewers who still use old Singer sewing machines today claim that even though they can only sew a straight stitch with their machine, it is the best straight stitch that can be sewn. What with their ease of use, durability, and ease of maintenance, many sewers still swear by their old machines and even recommend that new sewers purchase such a machine if possible.

The Appeal of Older Sewing Machines

So why are older sewing machines like Singers still so popular despite the fact that Janome 8900QCP sewing machines and similar models can do so much more? Quite simply, a lot of it has to do with the appeal of sewing on an attractive antique that may have been handed down for generations. Old sewing machines that have been well-maintained are a pleasure to work on, providing a different sense of pride in the finished project. The machines themselves are a source of personal pride as well, especially to those who have the fortune of owning an older limited edition model with its decorative paint still intact.

Although the antique Singer is widely thought of as the cream of the old sewing machine crop, they are not easy to come by these days. Those who prefer older machines suggest buying all-metal sewing machines manufactured prior to 1970 to truly appreciate the feel of an older machine.

Are Older Machines Better?

There is a lot more to the appeal of older sewing machines than just sentimental value or antique appearance. Professional sewers who recommend these antiques agree that all-metal machines are much more durable than today’s largely plastic ones and much easier to use and maintain because they can be repaired more easily. Many even suggest they sew more smoothly, are quieter, and create stronger seams.

Of course, maintenance of such a machine over its lifetime is important, since even older sewing machines can be problematic if they have not been well cared for. Generally speaking, they are sewing machines in the simplest form, which many believe is all that is needed for many uses.

There is no arguing that sewing with older sewing machines can have a definite charm and appeal. Still, it does require that a user give up the many features and automatic functions that Janome sewing machines, like the Janome 8900QCP sewing machine, have to offer. That said, for those who do not require fancier features, older machines can be a pleasure to use. Considering how generations of people used simple, all-metal sewing machines like the old Singers to sew clothing and countless other items, they can be a good choice for simple, basic sewing needs!

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