There are certain important inventions that have been instrumental to man and the shaping of civilization. Among these essential items is one of the simplest necessities, sewing thread. Created long ago when man first wore skins as clothing, thread is still the most basic, yet essential item used in all types of sewing today. Sewing machines like the Janome 7318, as well as hundreds of other models, are specifically designed to use sewing thread. As the most important of all sewing machine supplies, thread is an invention that has truly helped shape the world.

The First Thread

The need for thread came about thousands of years ago, when man first began constructing clothing out of animal skins. Very thin strips of skin known as sinew and other fibrous parts of animals were used to bind skins together to serve as protective garments. Eventually, it was also realized that the fibers of many plants could be used in the same way. It is this discovery that led to the development of thread as it is produced today.

The Improvement of Thread Over Time

Tribal people who learned to grow and harvest plants were the first people to start experimenting with plant fibers, creating new types of thread. The Egyptians and other primitive cultures discovered how different plants could be used to make thread and animal fur could be mixed into the thread to produce different variations. Ancient peoples then learned how to turn animal wool into thread and yarn by spinning fibers together. This process became the basis of all thread production and is still used to produce thread for hand sewing as well as for sewing machines like the Janome 7318.

The Importance of Thread Throughout History

Thread has been used in countless ways throughout history to make garments and other necessary items as well as to adorn fabric. This has made it an essential and even very valuable item. This is especially true when spun from higher quality fibers. Royalty and the wealthy have used thread spun with gold to create fabrics and valuable tapestries that were worn or displayed as a status symbol. Thread, along with the fabrics, garments, and items made with it, became and has continued to be a critical part of every day living.

How Thread Is Made

Modern thread has come a long way from its rudimentary past, although the basic technique has remained the same. Fine fibers are twisted together and spun into a single, circular thread in a way that is similar to how yarn is spun from multiple strands into one. Today, thread is made from a number of natural materials like cotton, silk, and certain wools or from synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and other man-made material. It is made in different thicknesses and dyed different colors, making the variations suitable for many purposes.

Thread is perceived as an average, ordinary item in today's world; however, it has played an important role throughout history. Whether hand sewing, sewing with Janome 7318 sewing machines, or any other type of sewing machine, creating any type of garment would be impossible without the right thread. With its infinite types and colors, thread is the most basic of all sewing machine supplies, something that has been indispensable since the beginning of civilization!

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