Matchstick quilting is one of many easy and fun machine quilting techniques you can use to stitch together a beautiful quilt.

It’s great for beginners or anyone who wants to get their project finished quickly and can be done on just about any machine from a standard sewing machine to a more advanced midarm or longarm machine.

Although the trick to success is just knowing how to keep the lines straight and prevent the fabric layers from shifting, it's a bit harder than it sounds.

Check out these great tips on matchstick quilting so your quilt finishes up looking superb!

What Is Matchstick Quilting?

Matchstick quilting is a quilt stitching technique that involves sewing only straight parallel lines of stitching all running the same direction.

The process is done by first stitching with a base color thread to create evenly spaced vertical lines down the quilt, then adding in additional lines between those using threads of different colors.

Using this technique on any machine, you can quickly create an easy yet beautiful striped pattern using just the thread.

Easy Matchstick Quilting In 5 Steps

Although matchstick quilting is one of the easiest ways to finish a quilt on a Q'nique quilting machine, keeping the lines straight can be challenging.

Follow this easy machine quilting process to complete a matchstick stitched quilt so the stitching stays straight and you’re pleased with the end results:

  1. Ready the Quilt Sandwich - However you do it, secure the quilt sandwich so it’s ready to stitch and the layers won’t shift, which is critical since many rows of vertical stitching can cause shifting if the layers are not adequately pinned or basted in place.
  2. Use A Walking Foot - A walking foot promotes secure, straight stitching without shifting the fabric since it ‘walks’ over the sandwich as opposed to sliding over it as a universal foot does
  3. Start According to What The Batting Requires - The initial grid of parallel lines should never be spaced further apart than the usually recommended amount up to 8" on the batting label; you’ll probably find a smaller starting grid to be more appealing.
  4. Stitch In the Same Direction - Always stitch every line in the same direction to prevent fabric twisting and shifting. Start on your quilting machine at one end and sew to the opposite end, backstitch to secure, then cut the thread and start a new line back at the beginning.
  5. Sew The First Parallel Lines - Make a grid of evenly spaced parallel lines a few inches apart all across the quilt, then use a quilter’s rule as a guide to set your needle in the right position and keep the stitching straight.
  6. Add More Lines Between - Once an initial group of lines is made a few inches apart, start gradually filling in those spaces by adding more vertical lines across the quilt.
  7. Create A Pattern with Color and Spacing - Make a design pattern in the stitching by alternating thread color and varying the space between lines within the main grid lines and ; then just repeat that smaller pattern across the entire quilt until all the original grid lines are filled in.

Enjoy The Pleasures of Matchstick Quilting

Sewing an accurate straight line using a quilting machine does take some practice; however, it’s a basic skill that every quilter needs to perfect anyway.

Once you’ve got straight stitching down, try this unique method to turn several colorful lines of thread into its own pattern.

A fast and easy technique to use on any sewing or quilting machine, you’ll love the look of matchstick quilting for your project!