Machine embroidery can be loads of fun as you learn to make beautifully stitched designs for clothing, accessories, home decor, and much more.

If you’re new to using a professional-type machine like the Melco Bravo embroidery machine, it’s understandable that you might be a little intimidated about it - but you don’t have to be!

Regardless of what kind of machine you use, the basics of embroidery are the same as every other type of sewing you might do with a machine.

Take a deep breath and follow these simple yet helpful tips as part of your learning process and you’ll be stitching up incredible thread designs in nearly no time!

1. Start With An Open Mind

Whether you’re learning on a more basic, single-needle machine or stepping up to a multi-needle professional embroidery machine, the processes will be both similar and different.

In either case, it’s important that you start off ready to learn new techniques that will differ from regular sewing and require you to learn a few new skills and habits.

Once you get familiar with the little things that matter most, it will be much easier to use an embroidery machine of any type.

2. Work In An Organized Space

Make learning and using your machine easier by getting set up in a clean, organized workspace.

Keep your thread spools and fabric scraps organized as well as keep the machine clean and in good working condition.

Give yourself enough space to spread out if you necessary and have good lighting to edit your digital art and check thread colors.

3. Start With The Basics

Without a doubt, machine embroidery of any kind can be challenging if you don’t learn the basics from the ground up.

That’s why it’s so important to go step-by-step starting with the basics of how to use your specific machine and begin with smaller, less detailed designs as you build your skills.

Over time, those smaller designs will become bigger and better designs the more you learn; however, without a good understanding of the basics like correct art digitizing, thread tension, and proper selection of thread, fabric, and stabilizers for different designs, you’ll become easily frustrated.

4. Always Test First

The easiest way to end up disappointed with a design you attempt on a Melco Bravo embroidery machine is to jump into stitching your final design on good fabric without testing it first.

With so many variables that can affect how a design will turn out on a specific item, it’s essential that you do a test of the design first.

Make corrections and adjustments as needed until it comes out perfectly on your test swatch, then move on to the actual piece.

5. Keep A Notebook

Back to all those variables from the ways that different threads and fabrics work for certain stitch designs and the many kinds of stabilizers to choose from, getting things right can take some trial and error.

You can save a lot of time and frustration by documenting your trials and noting what happens each time and what combinations worked best for what you wanted to do.

Refer back to these notes later to breeze through your embroidery options and make good decisions without so much trial and error next time.

6. Expect Mistakes

Lastly and most importantly, expect that you’ll make mistakes when learning to use a machine like the Melco Amaya Bravo 16 Needle and accept it.

Don’t let the mistakes discourage you; learn from them by figuring out what you did wrong instead, then avoid those mistakes in the future.

Start from the Start When Learning Machine Embroidery

Like most other things in life, the best place to jump into any new activity is at the very bottom so you can learn the important basics first.

With a solid foundation in machine embroidery, you’ll soon be able to make designs of varying complexity on your machine and create incredible things!