If you’re gearing up to head to a quilting retreat or would like to in the future, you might wonder what things to pack for the trip.

Naturally, you’ll need to bring the essentials for working on your project in the company of the other attendees, yet how much is too much and what’s not enough?

Larger machines like Grace Q'nique machines will have to stay at home but here’s a list of supplies to bring along to enjoy the retreat to its fullest and do lots of quilting!

A Portable Quilting Machine

Though you may have a wonderful longarm or midarm quilting machine like a Q’nique at home, anything larger than a standard sit-down model is going to be difficult to bring along with you, let alone set up.

Fortunately, whether working on a quilt top or starting to do the actual quilting, a sit=down model is going to be much more portable.

Pack it in a sewing machine transport case or its original box for safe transport and away you go!

Don’t forget to pack in your cabinet the foot pedal, power cord, and sewing table insert if it’s been removed for flatbed sewing.

All Necessary Sewing Machine Accessories

Compile a list of all the essential machine accessories being used or might be needed with your quilting machine as you work through your project.

This list should include things like a selection of important and necessary presser feet, machine cleaning and repair tools in case there’s a problem, extra bobbins, bobbin cases, and spool holders, and whatever else your machine requires to keep on stitching.

A Well-Equipped Sewing Supplies Kit

In addition to quilting machine accessories and parts, bring along a travel sewing kit that includes other necessities.

Bring rotary cutter and cutting needs, scissors and seam rippers, pins, fabric clips, plenty of pre-wound bobbins and thread spools in all the colors you might need, an iron and spray bottle for pressing, marking tools, and any other frequently used tools.

Extras - Just In Case

Avoid running out of important things by bringing extra of all the things you could potentially use up.

Bring extra thread and fabric in all the colors and patterns for your project, spare needles for the quilting machine, a spare bulb for the machine light, an extra blade for the rotary cutter, and other supplies that could interrupt your fun if they ran out.

Creature Comforts for Comfortable Sewing

Since you won’t have any fun if uncomfortable the whole time, remember to bring a few items to customize the retreat quilting space so it’s comfortable.

Bring a portable lamp for a brightly lit workspace, magnifying or reading glasses if you wear them, quilter’s gloves or rubber finger grips, a seat cushion and throw pillow, and a sweater and extra socks in case the room workroom is too cool.

Keep comfortable and sew on!

Pack for Yourself Too

With all that packing going on, don’t forget to pack well for yourself for an enjoyable retreat.

Bring comfortable clothing and footwear as well as all the usual travel things you normally bring.

Take along some snacks to share and a favorite water bottle or coffee mug.

Research the weather and plan accordingly for yourself and your car full of supplies that need to get inside and then back out to the car again before heading home.

Make Your Quilting Retreat A Great Experience!

Heading off to a quilting retreat to share your love of quilting with other people can be a fun and relaxing way to socialize, learn, and simply get more enjoyment out of the craft.

Use this list to plan the trip for all the important necessities to bring with you plus your quilting machine and it will be an amazing time.

Add your current WIP or a smaller project like a quilting kit and you’ll be all set to hit the road!