A serger sewing machine is a sewing machine that offers function beyond what most standard machines can do. This type of machine is an investment and not every person who sews needs one; for some, a serger is a great idea. Depending on the type of projects a person enjoys, and their fabric of choice, a serger might be the perfect machine to help increase both the quality of  garments and the speed at which they are sewn.

Knit Fabrics

Because knit fabric stretches, it requires a seam that can stretch with the stitching. Knit fabric can fray and unravel when not properly seamed, so a wider, flexible seam is essential to prevent a garment from literally falling apart at the seams. Although it is possible to create a stretchable seam on a standard sewing machine, it requires much more effort than one created on a serger sewing machine. For sewers who enjoy working with knits and other fabrics that require a little "give" in the seam as well as extra strength, a serger is a great sewing machine to use.

Clothing and Garments

If there is one thing that can make any garment sewn at home look like it was professionally made, it is a strong, serged seam. Strong seams are important when sewing any kind of clothing.  A strong seam ensures that the garment is both durable for wearing and has seams that can survive multiple washings without unraveling. Professionally made clothing almost always has serged seams for this very reason. Serged seams look very different from single, plain seams and look much more professional, which is desirable for anyone who sews clothing wants.

Fast, Tidy, and Decorative Seams

While serged seams are valuable when using certain fabrics and add strength to any items requiring a tough seam, there are other reasons why sergers might are a preferable choice. Serging can be much faster than sewing seams on a standard sewing machine, where multiple passes might be required to get the necessary strength. Serged seams look more professional and are just tidier in general. This can be an important factor to sewers who would like to capture all those edges in a serged seam. Serger sewing machines are also useful for creating decorative seams and edges as well as for creating decorative stitches on other projects.

Sergers sew with multiple threads at the same time and can turn a complicated seam into one that can be done easily, quickly, and attractively. Although sergers may seem somewhat intimidating to beginning sewers, when most people after using a serger wonder how they managed without one. For those who create garments and other sewing projects that involve a lot of seaming, a serger sewing machine can be a great investment!

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