Sewing is a wonderful hobby that just about anyone can enjoy. Whether a sewist is a beginner or more experienced, there are sewing machines available to cater to all needs and budgets. Of course, there may come a time when a more expensive, fully-featured machine other than the Janome HD3000 may be desired over a basic model. To determine if it might be time to upgrade to more advanced Janome sewing machines, consider these ideas to make a decision.

Experience Level

For those just learning how to sew, uncomplicated sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 are a great choice. Basic models can produce high-quality projects as well as more expensive ones; however, available options may lack the extra features of more advanced models.

Once a sewist begins to develop their skills and wants to try more advanced projects, they may desire a more expensive model although that may not be necessary. Advanced, computerized machines provide more features including various computerized controls. Whether all that is needed or not should be based on preference and the intended usage of the machine.

Even  simpler models can reliably perform all the basic functions needed to make a wide variety of projects; however, some may desire the ease of added functionality in their sewing machine.

Project Types

One main reason why sewists may want to invest in a more expensive machine is if they frequently make specialty items. Projects like quilts are easier and more fun when made on quilting machines that are designed for quilting, while seams on clothing can be done more easily using a serger or a coverstich machine.

It may be possible to do the same things on a less expensive model like the Janome HD3000; however, the more advanced Janome sewing machines do it better, faster, and easier. In addition, sergers and coverstitches produce more professional seams and hems than what is possible with an all-purpose model and available attachments used to perform these functions.

Machine Durability

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to buy a more expensive machine is durability. Lower cost sewing machines often provide years of service for sewists who do an average amount of sewing on common fabrics. They may not last so long for heavier use or continued use with specialty fabrics that create more strain on the machine. Lower cost models will eventually wear out with a lot of use. If and when that happens, sewists may want to consider upgrading to a more durable option that will last longer and offer some additional features.


When deciding whether to invest in more expensive choices, sewists must consider their budget and the options available within it. If there are no justified reasons to spend more and the budget offers only a fancier option that does basically the same things, upgrading may not be needed. On the other hand, if more functions and capabilities are important and there is enough of a budget, upgrading can be a great idea.

Purchasing expensive sewing machines is a decision that should be based on a number of considerations. The more basic models like the Janome HD3000 may be all some hobbyists need to make a variety of beautiful projects. Others may want or even need the additional functions offered by more advanced or specialty Janome sewing machines like sergers or quilters. The decision is one that comes down to how much use the machine will get, what kind of projects are being made, and the experience level of the sewist!

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