Garments created on sewing machines like the Janome 8900QCP can be finished with a variety of different seams. A flat felled seam is commonly used in the textile industry and sewn on many garments due to its various qualities. By using this technique on the right projects, anyone working at home using Janome sewing machines can make impressive, professional-looking garments.

What Is A Flat Felled Seam?

A flat felled seam is one that lays completely flat on both the finished and back side of a garment with no seam allowance uncovered. The finished closure has two rows of stitching and looks the same on both the front and the back. This type of seam is used on everything from denim jeans and dress shirts to light jackets and even boxer shorts. It is also preferred on children’s clothing as well.

How Are Flat Felled Seams Made?

The trick to a flat felled seam is that all the cut edges of allowance get tucked into the seam, then sewn over so they remain contained. Using this technique with sewing machines such as the Janome 8900QCP, the end result is a closure that has two rows of single topstitching on either side of the allowance, with no visible edges or threads. Though the technique is not so difficult when sewn on home sewing machines, it does require a few extra steps over a traditional seam that leaves a visible seam allowance. The durable and professional results are well worth the extra effort.

Benefits Of Using Flat Felled Seams

Flat felled seams created on home sewing machines are a great choice for many garments for a number of reasons:

  • Reduced Bulk - As the name implies, these seams lay very flat due to the two rows of stitching, reducing bulk throughout the garment.
  • Strength - Since this technique involves two rows of stitching that contain the seam allowance within the folds and stitching, it is particularly strong. Flat felled closures are recommended for garments that need extra seam strength, such as jeans and any denim articles, garments of heavier fabrics, and items that are worn a lot.
  • Tidy Appearance - Besides the flat lay of the fabric, these seams also look neat and precise since there are no fabric edges visible. The entire allowance is enclosed within the folds of the fabric, then stitched down on both sides.
  • Comfort - These strong seams are also very comfortable when used with bulkier fabrics or on garments where the rougher edge of exposed allowance could rub or be uncomfortable during wear. This is one of the main reasons why this technique is used for things like dress shirts and garments that lay close to the skin, as the reduced bulk also adds to the comfort of these garments.

There are certain sewing techniques that can make the difference between a garment that looks home made and one that looks professionally sewn. Flat felled seams that are easily created using sewing machines such as the Janome 8900QCP are an important sewing technique. A flat felled seam produces a strong, comfortable, and professionally finished look for any garment and is easy to make using Janome sewing machines!

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