Sewing cabinets are a staple that most avid sewists need. Although many buyers do not automatically think about sewing furniture when they purchase their first sewing machine, they quickly find out just how important a good cabinet can be. Available to fit most machines including the Juki HZL-F400, a cabinet is one accessory that should be in every sewing room as it serves many important purposes.

What Are Sewing Cabinets?

Sewing cabinets are more than just floor standing cabinets. This piece of sewing furniture is actually a surface for setting up a sewing machine as well as being used to store supplies and parts. Most have an opening in the top of the cabinet so that the machine can be mounted with the needle plate level to the tabletop itself, creating a nice work surface. They also have storage areas or drawers underneath, providing ample space to safely store other necessities.

Why Is A Sewing Cabinet So Important?

These cabinets are more than just another cabinet to take up floor space in a house. On the contrary, quality sewing cabinets provide essential protection for sewing machines and other items and make great projects easier in the following ways:

  • Protect the Machine - The main purpose of a sewing cabinet is to protect sewing machines like the Juki HZL-F400. These machines can be quite an investment and easily damaged or dust-covered and dirty when not carefully protected. The beauty of these tables is that they provide a way for machines to be lowered into the cabinet when not in use for both protection and to keep them clean.
  • A Flat Work Surface - The second most important reason to invest in a sewing cabinet is to have a flat work surface. Anyone who stitches more than a few small items here and there really needs to work on a surface that is flush with the needle plate. This allows the fabric to spread out for even feeding to the needle. Tables or desks cannot do this, which makes working on them uncomfortable and awkward.
  • Convenient and Safe Storage - Anyone who sews knows there are many necessary supplies and parts to have around for sewing projects. From different types of thread, pincushions, and pins to a cleaning and tool kit, accessories can add up quickly. Storing them in a dedicated piece of sewing furniture reduces the chance of losing essential items like manuals and tools, while keeping supplies neatly contained and ready for use. There is no longer a reason to have supplies spread out on the dinner table or put where they might be damaged or misplaced.

Before deciding whether a cabinet is necessary, those who expect nothing less than the best from their Juki HZL-F400 should seriously consider this important purchase. Sewing cabinets are an essential piece of sewing furniture that can help everyone enjoy this hobby even more by protecting their investment.

When everything is located in one convenient area, no sewer should ever have to stop and search for lost items or try to manage without a needed accessory. Everything, including the machine itself, can be neatly stored and protected inside an attractive cabinet that will help keep homes looking neater as well!

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