Whether done with a sewing machine or by hand, sewing is an activity we humans have been doing for thousands of years.

In fact, the human race has done this so long that we take it for granted because sewn items are everywhere we look.

Looking a little deeper into the concept of sewing, it’s interesting to explore the many reasons why we sew, whether with a Brother or Singer sewing machine or even just a needle and thread.

Sewing is an fundamental skill that has helped to modernize our lives over the centuries and is a basic skill that really everyone should learn.

Sewing for Necessity

Necessity has been the primary driving force for people to sew over the centuries, whether by hand or with a machine.

From the days when early man learned to use sinew to hold together skins for both body coverings and bags to carry water and food up to today's need to sew these and other utilitarian items, sewing is a practice that has always filled a need.

We may do it now using fancy machines like the Brother SE1900 computerized sewing and embroidery machine, yet the need to make things with fabric and thread is still there the same as it was before.

Even in its most basic form, sewing is a skill that has transformed the human race and helped societies worldwide flourish.

Sewing to Save Money

The second reason why people sew is to save money on their apparel needs.

Industrialized sewing drastically reduced the cost of clothing and other sewn items once they could be made in bulk and take less time.

Even after the invention of the sewing machine which led to the building of large factories where industrial sewing machines were used to streamline the apparel-making process, people still sewed at home.

Skilled sewists using machines like Brother sewing machines can often save money by making on their own home decor items, fashionable clothing, and other necessities.

Sewing for Fun

The final reason that most sewists can appreciate is that creating garments or other items with sewing machines is fun, a creative outlet for many and a great practical life skill for others to learn.

It is also a continual learning process for anyone interested in making quilts, home decor and accessories, clothing, toys, bags, bedding, and countless other items that demands a certain degree of attention to detail which in turn keeps the mind sharp.

Sewing can be a rewarding pastime and a fun way to relax while building important skills and exploring one’s creativity.

Why Do You Sew?

From the earliest days of needle and thread to using capable machines like the Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine, sewing is an essential task that will always be important.

Modern Singer and Brother sewing machines give us all the ability to make useful items of all kinds and have fun while doing it!

What do you like to make with your sewing machine?

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