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Every sewist who makes clothing and more using sewing machines knows that pressing is an important part of the process. It is even more important if you frequently work with interfacing, stabilizers, and a wide variety of fabrics. Have you ever considered a pressing system? If you press a lot when making projects with Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL F300, a pressing system could be a useful, convenient item in your sewing room.

What Are Pressing Systems?

Pressing systems are appliances that are a step up from a standard iron and ironing or pressing board. These all-in-one irons and pressing surfaces are a great way to set up a corded iron on your cutting table or separate pressing pad. They make pressing both safe and convenient.

Pressing systems are especially useful when you spend most of your time making clothing or tailoring garments on sewing machines and frequently press your work. There are two types of home pressing systems:  tabletop and a floor standing ironing board and iron combination.  

Tabletop Pressing Systems

Tabletop pressing systems with top-opening pressing plates fit conveniently on any table, dresser, or deep countertop. Some can even be set up on floor stands right next to where you use your Juki HZL F300. They come with a variety of pressing surface sizes, from compact to ones large enough to handle pillows, sheets, drapes and other large items.

Most have one squared end and a narrower, rounded end as well as a number of accessories like shaped pressing pads and mitts for various p pressing needs. Tabletop pressing systems offer adjustments for perfect pressing, from heat and pressure controls to steam options and more.

Floor Standing Pressing Systems

Floor standing pressing systems are useful accessories for avid sewists. They look like regular ironing boards except they are more sophisticated. These systems include a wired-in hand steam iron and an internal water tank, making dry and steam ironing a breeze. The water tanks are filtered for pure-water steam pressing; the steam settings are fully adjustable.

Floor standing systems can be used horizontally or vertically to steam press items like clothing, drapes, and more. Some models also include a variable speed suction table that easily draws steam through the fabric, then quickly sets and dries it once the steam is turned off. These systems can be folded and stored vertically in small spaces like standard ironing boards; they include stand locks and other safety features to prevent injuries.

Home pressing systems may seem like a luxury; however, they are very useful useful if you spend a lot of time working at sewing machines. Offering precision control, expert steam pressing features, and important safety, they make a great addition to any sewing room along with great Juki sewing machines. A Juki HZL F300 and a home pressing system are a great team to help you sew professional quality garments!

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