The decision to purchase a sewing cabinet is a big one, a choice that sewists should really consider.

Sewing cabinets like the Horn Model 6420 are more than just an expensive table.

Cabinets, along with other sewing fixtures like the Horn 60 and Horn 63 storage cabinets, give you everything needed to create beautiful projects with your sewing machine.

Consider these great reasons why sewing cabinets are a great idea and why you need one to complete your sewing room.

Ideal Workspace

Sewing requires a lot of space, even if you’re making smaller projects.

Rather than set up your machine on the dining room table or some other unsuitable surface, a sewing cabinet gives you the dedicated space you need without being in the middle of everything else.

You can set up your machine permanently, be assured of its stability and safety, and create great things with the work surfaces you need for precision sewing.

Designed for Sewing Use

Sturdy sewing cabinets are designed specifically to hold your sewing machine and offer you the work surfaces needed for your sewing projects.

They include adjustable machine lifts so you can use your machine flatbed-style and have the needle level with the sewing table.

This is an important feature, one of the main differences between a sewing table and any other table you could set your machine on.

Designed to be the perfect height for working in the seated position, a sewing cabinet will also help you stay comfortable and avoid the strains and other discomforts you may encounter when trying to sew on a regular table.

Provides Essential Storage Space

In addition to holding your machine, many sewing cabinets have built-in storage for your sewing needs or can be accessorized with matching storage units.

From machine parts and cleaning tools to your collections of thread, needles, pins, and other supplies, the best place to store all that is close by in your sewing cabinet.

Protects Your Machine and Sewing Supplies

Today’s precision sewing machines are expensive, so you want to protect that investment in your hobby or sewing business the best way you can.

Most sewing cabinets allow you to lower your machine into a stowed position where it is protected from dust and anything that might knock into it while not in use.

The built-in storage or extra storage pieces you can buy also keep your parts and supplies contained in one area, protected against damage or loss.

Everything stays safe where you need it to be the next time you are ready to work with your machine.

Keeps Your Sewing Room Attractive and Organized

Above all, when you have a great sewing cabinet like the Horn Model 6420 and set it up with storage units like the Model 60 and Model 63, your sewing room will be uncluttered and look great.

You will find storage space for everything you need for your projects with the added benefit of a built-in cutting or pressing space on top or there is allowance room to set up other machines or sewing accessories.

With everything so close to your sewing machine, sewing was never so convenient

Quality Sewing Cabinets - A Wise Investment

Investing in a sewing cabinet can be a significant expense; however, if you have the ability to do so, you will be glad you did.

Cabinets like the Horn Model 6420 are designed to give you the perfect sewing environment and all the features you need to do great work!

Horn 6420 Elevated Height Sewing, Embroidery, Cutting Cabinet

Horn Model 6420

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Horn Model 6420

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Horn Model 6420