Starting a new sewing project on Janome sewing machines such as the Janome HD3000 is exciting. If you’re like a lot of other enthusiastic sewists, you want to get through all the prep work as quickly as possible so you can actually start sewing, right?

Before you think about skipping steps in the pattern sewing requirements, think again. If your pattern calls for staystitching, it’s important that you take the time to learn how to do this and put the stitching in. Staystitching is an important technique to ensure garments sewn on sewing machines come out just right.

What Is Staystitching, Anyway?

As its name suggests, staystitching is a line of stitches that helps fabric “stay” together correctly while it's being stitched. It's used along curved seams or bias cut fabric to keep the fabric from stretching or distorting when stitching seams on your sewing machines.

Is Staystitching Really Necessary?

The purpose of staystitching is so that a curve lays correctly with no stretching or warping in places that are most susceptible. Bias cut fabric will stretch out of shape if not carefully handled. Curved cuts of fabric can suffer the same fate.

Staystitching maintains the shape of the fabric, preventing it from stretching while it’s being sewn together on a machine like the Janome HD3000. It helps you achieve a smooth, flat seam and a precise garment fit as opposed to a puckered, stretched seam and incorrect fit that can result if the fabric is distorted when sewn.

How Do You Do Staystitching?

Although putting in staystitching is an extra step you do when working with curved seams, it can reduce a lot of frustration and prevent wasted fabric and time. Fortunately, it is easy to put in when using Janome sewing machines.

Put in directionally following the fabric grain, staystitching is sewn into single layers of fabric to stabilize them so you can go back and seam them together. All you have to do is sew a line of regular-length stitches about â…›” outside of where you will sew the actual seam, usually about 1/4” from the raw fabric edge on a standard 5/8” seam.

Once you’ve put in the staystitching, you can put the two fabric layers together and sew the final seam. The staystitching will prevent either layer from distorting while you sew and then stay hidden in the seam allowance afterward. The fabric edges are also secured by the staystitching after seaming, making the garment more durable when worn and washed.

Before you think about skipping staystitching or any other steps in your pattern, remember that they're included for a reason. Sometimes to get the best results with projects created on sewing machines, you have to include some little steps designed so your pattern comes out the way it should.

Staystitching is a quick, easy way to ensure that necklines, sleeve holes, and other curved area maintains its shape during the stitching process on Janome sewing machines like the versatile Janome HD3000!

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