Sewing Cabinets

Sewing is a fun hobby; however, it can eventually lead to body strain. Hours spent sewing can result in an uncomfortable neck or back as well as arm strain. Sewists need to consider ergonomics and choosing the well-fitted sewing cabinets and chairs to reduce any strains.

Working on quality Arrow cabinets like the Arrow 98500 Sewnatra cabinet lets sewists spend enjoyable time sewing without damaging body strain. Use the tips below to find the right cabinet.

Right Work Height

Table height is a critical factor when spending long periods of time sewing. Sewing cabinets that are too low increase the need to lean over; tables too high cause sewists to unnaturally raise their shoulders. In either case, the results are increased strain and fatigue from the wrists to the shoulders as well as the neck and back.

To prevent repetitive movement injuries and other types of strain to wrists, elbows, and shoulders, it is essential to work on a surface that is elbow height, leaving the wrists straight. In this position, sewists have the freedom of movement they need without the risk of repetitive motion injuries caused by working at improper angles.

When searching for the right cabinet or work surface, it is important that sewists buy a cabinet fit to their personal height in order to achieve correct positioning. Arrow cabinets and others are available in various heights to accommodate varying body size and stature. Some surface height can be adjustable. Invest in a cabinet that allows correct ergonomic positioning to prevent repetitive motion injuries that can take some of the fun out of sewing.

Great Chair

Besides choosing the best work surface, it is important to purchase a high-quality, ergonomically correct chair as well. Sewing should always be done with the feet flat on the floor and the chair height positioned so the arms are straight from the elbow to the wrist. Matched up with correct height surfaces like the Arrow 98500 Sewnatra cabinet, the chair is equally important in preventing strain and fatigue while working. An ergonomic computer or crafting chair that can be adjusted to the right height is the best option.

Surfaces with Adequate Workspace

Along with being the right height, a sewing surface should provide a large enough workspace to prevent the need to bend over. Many cabinets like Arrow cabinets include expandable work tables that provide ample space for comfortably moving the fabric around while it is being sewn. It is also important to have a large space for measuring and cutting fabric, whether that surface is part of the cabinet or a separate cutting table. To prevent back strain, separate cutting tables should be tall enough to provide great reach without the need to hunch over.

All sewists need to consider the ergonomics of their workspace to prevent any fatigue or strain from working on the wrong surface level. Sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98500 Sewnatra cabinet provide comfortable sewing and work areas to help reduce the chance of injury from working at the wrong height. When used together with an ergonomically correct chair, Arrow cabinets make an ideal choice for most people who enjoy spending hours at a time working at their sewing machines!

Arrow 98500 Sewnatra Compact Versatile Cabinet with Convenient Air-Lift - Oak Finish

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