Sewing Machines

A sewing room is much more than just a place where sewing machines are kept. For most of us, they are our creative sanctuaries where we can work in a clean, pleasant environment making all sorts of great projects with Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212. Yet these creative havens harbor a number of safety concerns. Practice safety in your sewing room and avoid accidents that could make sewing a little less fun.

Are You Aware of the Hazards?

Amidst all the beautiful fabric, great trim, and notions just waiting to be made into something beautiful, sewing spaces harbor a number of hazards. Risks of this nature can cause injuries when working with sewing machines if you are not careful. Following are some of the things you need to look out for when working on projects in your room:

  • Cutting Tools - Sharp fabric shears and cutting wheels are some of the most basic and essential tools a sewist may have in their workspace. The sharper these items are, the better they cut fabric. Unfortunately, they can also cut skin. Handle all cutting tools with care and always use them in the correct way. Keep them stowed close by in a bin on your cutting table or stored in a drawer to prevent accidentally knocking them onto the floor and stepping on them.  
  • Pins and Needles - Between the needles on your Janome 2212 and the many different types of pins you likely have in your workspace, the chance of pricking yourself is high. This often occurs because it is so easy it is to drop pins where they can be buried in carpeting, wedged into your sewing chair, or other places just waiting for a chance to poke you. If you drop one, stop immediately and look for it. A magnet can help you locate lost pins as well.   
  • Irons - As important as an iron is in helping you make crisp and straight seams, they present yet another hazard in your sewing room. Not only could you be burned, your iron is a fire hazard as well. Always use your iron on a stable surface designed for pressing things to reduce the chance it will fall over. Reduce the risk of a fire by using an iron with an automatic shutoff. Come up with some sort of signal that reminds you the iron is on and must be turned off before you leave the room.

Kids, Pets, and Sewing Room Safety

As careful as you may be in your workspace when using Janome sewing machines and other tools, other little visitors to your room could be a risk. Kids and pets can easily knock over an iron, drop your shears, or spill a container of pins. The best way to prevent your kids or pets from being injured is to set certain rules. Keep them out of the room while you are working and close the door when you are not.

Clean Up After Sewing Sessions

In addition to the tips mentioned above, increase workspace safety by keeping your room clean and organized. Have a designated place for all tools, accessories, and supplies and be sure to put everything back after each sewing session. Vacuum or sweep frequently to suck up any dropped pins, turn your iron off and stow it safely, and store pins and needles in securely sealed containers.  

Your sewing room is a great place for spending quality creative time for working on sewing machines like the fun Janome 2212. Prevent accidents and injuries while making projects on your Janome sewing machine by practicing sewing room safety!

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Sewing Machines