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Getting professional results on home sewing machines can be challenging; however, it is not impossible. The key to achieving this goal is in the small details and in taking the extra time necessary to focus on accuracy and technique. Whether you are using a Janome Magnolia 7318 or any other Janome sewing machines, use the great tips that follow so your projects turn out fantastic every time.

Fabric Cutting Accuracy

Messy cutting can ruin a project right from the start. For greatest precision, use a sharp rotary cutter along with a high-quality grid cutting ruler whenever possible. Use the marks on the ruler as a guide for straight alignment so there is no question about accuracy. With properly measured and cut fabric, the projects you create on your sewing machine will look and feel exceptional.

Consistent Seam Allowances

Even though the seam allowance is not seen on a finished project, a crooked seam allowance invites other problems. Crooked seams can drastically affect the fit and look of a project made on your Janome Magnolia 7318. Get consistent seams by trimming fabric so you have straight edges to work with, then pay careful attention to stitching straight lines. If necessary, use colored tape to mark seam allowances so they are easier to keep straight.

A ¼-inch presser foot that is used most often for quilting is invaluable to stitch a straight seam allowance. When you are stitching the ends of a seam, make sure the last bit of fabric feeds straight without spreading open.

Careful Pinning

Always pin your fabric whenever stitching anything longer than about six inches and when lining up seams. Match the fabric carefully and insert pins on either side of the seam, about â…›-inch from where the stitch line will be. Some people prefer to carefully stitch over the pins to maintain accuracy, although this could cause your needle to break. You can also pause just before a pin and pull it out, then continue stitching.

Correct Pressing

Pressing is an important part of the process when making garments and other items on Janome sewing machines. Not all fabrics respond well to steam; some could end up with warped seams. Avoid the potential of ruining your project by always using a dry iron to press seams. Be sure to press the fabric rather than iron it, as ironing makes stretching more likely.

Securely Stitched Zippers

A straight and secure zipper is a sign of a well-made item. Stitching the end of the zipper near the zipper pull can be challenging. If not done correctly, you could have a bump where the end of the zipper is stitched into the fabric. One way to literally get around this problem is to lift your presser foot. Using a zipper foot, sew along the zipper seam until you reach the end with the pull. With the needle still down, lift the presser foot and carefully do the last few stitches for a straight and snug zipper end.

As basic as these techniques may seem, ignoring them can prevent projects made on your personal sewing machine from looking professionally created. Get the most from quality Janome sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318 by making these small details a regular part of your sewing process!

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